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Electric Off-road (Class 4) Bikes

A comprehensive up-to-date list of all battery Class 4 electric bikes. Under the U.S. electric bike classification system, Class 4 e-bikes are not permitted for road use, as their top speed is greater than 28mph and motor output is greater than 750W. This puts them in the same category as electric dirt bikes, the difference being is that Class 4 e-bikes have pedals, while dirt bikes do not.

Make Model Country
AddMotor Wildtan USA
Bolton X-15 USA
Bultaco Brinco UK
Christini Abominable USA
Delfast Top | Offroad UK
E-cells Super Monarch USA
Ecotric Tornado USA
Juiced Hyperscorpion | Hyperscrambler USA
Rambo Carbon | Camo | Krusader USA
Rungu Juggernaut USA
VELOKS MK3 Denmark
Vintage Electric Tracker | Scrambler | Shelby USA

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