EV job opportunities

   EV Job Titles

The following list was compiled from a snapshot of all Tesla job openings (~2,000) in early August, 2020. Tesla was used as it is a good proxy for the type of jobs that are available in the electrical vehicle industry as a whole. These are not all job titles, but represent the vast majority. Note that a sizeable percentage of jobs are in software.

Engineering & Software Jobs (~500)

For Tesla, most engineering jobs are in Palo Alto and Fremont, California.

Application Support Engineer (9)
Automation Engineer (4)
Autopilot Engineer (20)
Backend Software Engineer (7)
Battery Cell Engineer (9)
Battery Module/Pack Engineer (21)
Data Engineer (11)
Electrical Engineer (15)
Embedded Software Engineer (8)
Energy Engineering Tech (7)
Engineering Technician (18)
Firmware Engineer (5)
Front End Engineer (8)
Full Stack Engineer (5)
Integration Engineer (7)
Manufacturing Engineer (5)
Mechanical Design Engineer (32)
Network Engineer (6)
Product Engineer (6)
Security Engineer (7)
Site Reliability Engineer (11)
Software Engineer (80)
Tech Program Manager (14)
Test Engineer (8)
Thermal Engineer (3)
Wireless Engineer (3)

Manufacturing Jobs (~650)

Many of these jobs are for the operation of the gigafactories, which rely heavily on robotic, automated and other advanced manufacturing processes.

Audit Technician (4)
Automation Controls Engineer (4)
Casting Technician (4)
CNC Machinist (4)
Controls Engineer (16)
Die Maintenance Technician (4)
Engineering Technician (5)
Equipment Maintenance Technician (40)
Lab Technician (5)
Maintenance Technician (5)
Production Associate (15)
Quality Inspector (9)
Maintenance Technician (25)
Manufacturing Engineer (13)
Manufacturing Equipment Engineer (12)
Matching Technician (6)
Material Handler (10)
Material Planner (5)
Metrology Technician (9)
Process Engineer (28)
Production Associate (30)
Quality Engineer (20)
Quality Inspector (27)
Repair Technician (8)
Technical Program Manager (12)
Ultrasonic Testing Technician (5)

Vehicle Service-related Technician (~700)

Jobs that involve the testing, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of vehicles, which have advanced electrical and electronic subsystems.

Facilities Management (~200)

Jobs for maintaining the various support systems that make up the gigafactories - electrical, communications, HVAC, fire, security, etc.

Supply Chain Management (~100)

Jobs that involve the smooth acquisition of materials, supplies, and equipment from third-parties as well as distribution.

Solar Roof Installation (~120)

Jobs that involve the installation of solar and electrical equipment for homes, commercial busineses and charging stations.