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EV DC-DC Converters

A DC-DC converter in an electric vehicle (EV) is a device that converts the high-voltage direct current (DC) from the battery pack to a lower voltage direct current that can be used to power the vehicle's auxiliary systems, such as the lights, radio, air conditioning, and other electronics.

The DC-DC converter is important because the voltage of the battery pack can vary over time and may be too high to be used directly by the vehicle's auxiliary systems. The DC-DC converter regulates the voltage and ensures that the auxiliary systems receive a consistent and safe supply of power.

In addition to voltage regulation, the DC-DC converter also provides electrical isolation between the high-voltage battery pack and the low-voltage auxiliary systems, which helps to ensure the safety of the vehicle and its occupants.

Overall, the DC-DC converter is a crucial component in an electric vehicle that helps to manage the power flow from the high-voltage battery pack to the low-voltage auxiliary systems and to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle's electrical system.

2024 List of suppliers that manufacture DC-DC converters for the EV industry:

Analog Devices
Cascadia Motion
Cooper Bussman
Delta Electronics
Murata Power
US Hybrid