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Battery Electric Medium Duty (MD) Trucks

Under both the Bipartisan Infrastrucure Law (BIL) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), medium-duty (MD) electric short-haul commercial trucks and their charging infrastructure are eligible for both grants and tax credits. The time is ripe to electrify your commercial truck fleet! Ideal for airports, ports, utilities, municipalities, factories.

Medium-duty short haul trucks are defined here as Class 5-7 with a daily driving range of 150 miles or less. List of clean zero-emission (ZEV) electric medium duty trucks.

See also electric delivery vans (Class 3-5) and electric semi trucks (Class 8).

Brand Model Country Available
Bollinger B4 | B5 USA now
BYD 6F China now
Daimler eM2 Germany 2021
Lightning ZEV6 USA
Lion Lion5 | Lion6 USA 2021
Mack MD Electric USA
Mullen Three USA now
Peterbilt 220EV USA
Phoenix USA now
Suzhou Eagle EG60 series China now
VMC 1200 Canada now