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Electric Motorcycles

Zero-emission electric motorcycles are an innovative and sustainable transportation solution. With lower operational costs, reduced emissions, improved performance, and a quieter ride, electric motorcycles offer a superior riding experience compared to traditional gas-powered motorcycles. As the world faces the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, electric motorcycles provide a viable solution for sustainable transportation.

Best-selling consumer bike: Energica
Best-selling municipal bike: Zero (police departments)

A comprehensive up-to-date list of all battery electric motorcycles for street use.

Brand Model Country Available
Arc Vector UK now
Arcimoto FUV | MUV USA now
BMW CE 04 Germany now
Brutus V2 Rocket | V9 | 2 USA now
Can-Am Pulse | Origin Canada now
Curtiss Bespoke | Purist USA now
Ducati V21L Italy prototype
Emflux Motors One India soon
Energica Experia | Ego | Eva | Esse USA now
Evoke Urban | 6061-GT USA now
Fly E-Bike FLY | RZ | Z6 USA now
Johammer J1 Austria now
Lightning LS-218 USA now
LiveWire S2 Del Mar USA now
NIU RGi-GT China now
Peraves Monoracer Czech Replublic now
Sarolea MANX7 Belgium now
Super SOCO TC Max China now
Tacita T-Cruise Urban Italy pre-order
Tarform Luna Scrambler, Racer USA now
Volta BCN | URBAN Spain now
Zero SR/S USA now

EV motorcycle pics

Arc Vector

Where built: UK

Arcimoto FUV | MUV

Where built: USA


Where built: Germany

Can-Am Pulse | Origin

Where built: Canada


Where built: USA

Ducati V21L

Where built: Italy

Emflux Motors One

Where built: India

Evoke Urban | 6061-GT

Where built: USA

Johammer J1

Where built: Austria

Lightning LS-218

Where built: USA

LiveWire S2 Del Mar

Where built: USA


Where built: China

Peraves Monoracer

Where built: Czech Replublic

Sarolea MANX7

Where built: Belgium

Super SOCO TC Max

Where built: China

Tacita T-Cruise Urban

Where built: Italy


Where built: Spain

Zero SR/S

Where built: USA

Zero Emission Electric Motorcycles: The Future of Sustainable Transportation

The world is facing an urgent need to shift towards sustainable transportation alternatives, and electric motorcycles are one of the most promising options. With zero emissions, reduced noise pollution, and a lower environmental impact, electric motorcycles offer a sustainable solution for personal transportation. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of electric motorcycles and how they can contribute to a greener future.

Zero Emissions
Electric motorcycles produce zero emissions, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered motorcycles. This is because electric motorcycles are powered by a battery pack, which can be charged from renewable sources of energy like wind and solar power. In contrast, gas-powered motorcycles emit harmful pollutants into the air, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter. These pollutants have a detrimental impact on the environment and contribute to global warming, air pollution, and climate change.

Lower Cost of Ownership
Electric motorcycles have lower operational costs compared to traditional gas-powered motorcycles. The cost of charging an electric motorcycle is significantly less than the cost of refueling a gas-powered motorcycle. Additionally, electric motorcycles require less maintenance as they have fewer moving parts than gas-powered motorcycles. This means that electric motorcycles have a longer lifespan and require fewer repairs over time, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Quieter Ride
Electric motorcycles are significantly quieter than gas-powered motorcycles, providing a more pleasant and peaceful ride. This is because electric motorcycles don't have a combustion engine, which produces a loud and constant rumble. Instead, electric motorcycles produce a low hum, which is much quieter and less disruptive. This makes electric motorcycles an excellent option for urban environments where noise pollution is a concern.

Improved Performance
Electric motorcycles offer improved performance compared to traditional gas-powered motorcycles. This is because electric motors provide instant torque, which means that electric motorcycles can accelerate quickly and smoothly. Additionally, electric motorcycles have a lower center of gravity, which makes them more stable and easier to handle than gas-powered motorcycles. This makes electric motorcycles an excellent option for beginners and experienced riders alike.